• Our market is open all day with a good selection of what you need, snacks, a variety of drinks/juices, sandwich ingredients, pasta sauces and pizza! You can even get fresh bread and croissants, all you need to do is order the day before.
  • We have a good selection of quality wines in our mini cellar.
  • We have fresh fruit and vegetables
  • You’ll also find sanitary and hygiene products.
  • Also, for when you do not feel like cooking, you can try some of our quality pre-cooked and homemade dishes that you will find in our store.
  • In summer, if you want to take advantage of outdoor barbeque, you have available our BBQ meat packs for the grill. We also have all the firewood and charcoal to buy to get the BBQ going.
Mountain Hostel Tarter | tienda


Our little store and quality wine selection at good prices.