• We invite you to enjoy our large fully equipped kitchen, which is open throughout the day.
  • Remember that there are free tea and coffee all day
  • Nothing is missing: microwave, oven, toaster, juicer, blender and cooking hob
  • Our kitchen is stocked with fridge and food baskets to keep everything fresh and tidy
  • You will find shelves of utensils and other common kitchen items that have been left by other nice people for you to use.
  • In our dining room, open all day, you can relax and eat comfortably and share the day and plan with friends and other guests what to do the next day.
  • The kitchen dining room area is the heart of the hostel- a great place to enjoy the atmosphere, and socialise and eat with other guests. In summer, we recommend enjoying the some of our barbecues we organize outdoors on the terrace.
Cocina y comedor en Mountain hostel tarter


Free tea and coffee throughout the whole day