Nuestro eco-compromiso en 5 puntos

For us, it is not enough to just create a perfect hostel in Andorra for enjoying mountain sports and sharing experiences with other travellers. For us, it is all pointless unless we do not commit to our shared environment, culture and natural heritage.
Explained in our 5 simple steps

A balanced fusion of the old and new

We have begun our project from the respect of our natural setting and the building’s cultural heritage. Mountain Hostel Tarter has been built from a rural mountain house, a typical Andorran mountain building called a “borda”, our building is over 200 years old. It was built in the eighteenth century and extended in the nineteenth century as agriculture and livestock storage away from the towns, where working animals (mules or cows) and crops were sheltered or stored.
Throughout the construction of the hostel we have acted with the utmost respect for the original structure and look of the building, maintaining the beautiful stone walls, wooden beams and slate roof. For a building that is over 2 centuries old, we have developed a mountain hostel that responds to all the needs and comforts of any 21st-century traveller. The careful blend of the traditional and modern has been our main focus throughout construction.

The Sun, the best source of eco-conscious energy

At Mountain Hostel Tarter, we take advantage of the bountiful solar energy on offer to heat our hot water, as well as to warm our outdoor pool-Jacuzzi, keeping our environmental impact as low as possible.

More heat at a reduced consumption

Due to the obvious cold, in Andorra, energy consumption for heating is very important. In Mountain Hostel Tarter we are reducing our energy consumption with a type of radiator that allows the accumulation of the heat generated to work with greater energy efficiency and to obtain a greater saving of electrical consumption. The radiators are mainly composed of silicon and aluminium oxide, two elements that optimize the performance of our heating. In addition, the design of the radiators allows to effectively combining 3 heating systems: convection, radiation and conduction. Thus maintaining heat for an extended period of time with reduced consumption. We have also renovated all the windows of the hostel with double glazing to avoid unnecessary heat escape and consequential energy waste.

Can we rely on you to save water?

We want to prevent the amount of water we use. For this reason, our hostel is equipped with water saving taps and faucets. This means that the washbasins, showers and kitchen save 50% of normal water consumption when compared to normal systems.

Yes, we recycle and have a bin for everything!

In the hostel, you will find different containers where to deposit every piece of garbage to help contribute to recycling.

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