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Mountain Biking Holidays in Andorra

Andorra, the paradise of mountain biking, especially of MTB enduro. How is the MTB enduro in Andorra? Have a look at this video that we made for you:

Wild mountains, MTB enduro mountain bike tracks in Andorra, for all levels and untouched trails, awesome mountain landscapes, peaks with breathtaking panoramic views, mountain lakes where the most daring can take a dip to cool off … Andorra, in the heart of the Pyrenees, is a paradise of Mountain Biking. Andorra is a mountain bike destination that you can not miss, if you are passionate about mountain biking.

MTB Enduro mountain biking from Mountain Hostel Tarter

Guided Mountain Bike holidays in Andorra

At Mountain Hostel Tarter we are fans of mountain biking and enduro. There are a lot of MTB enduro mountain bike tracks in Andorra, which you can start from our doorstep. We will be happy to explain our favorite single tracks, and some of our secret trails …

We have everything for your MTB enduro holidays in Andorra. We offer you:


The nights of lodging that you want in Mountain Hostel Tarter. The best hostel in Andorra, according to Hostelworld. Mountain Hostel Tarter is an ECO-hostel in the heart of the mountains in Andorra, with all facilities for a comfy stay. Remember that from 5 nights or more you can enjoy a 10% discount on accommodation at Mountain Hostel Tarter

Habitaciones privadas y compartidas en Mountain Hostel Tarter
Private rooms or group dorms for 4, 5, 6 sleeps at Mountain Hostel Tarter

Enduro guided mountain bike tours in Andorra, with transfers included. Our local and qualified  mountain biking guides know every inch of MTB enduro single tracks in Andorra, some of them almost 2,000 meters of altitude difference. But keep calm, the guide adapts to the level of the group. There are options for everyone.

In Andorra, when we talk about enduro MTB are not very long distances. It can be from 15km to 40km. The positive elevation gained is usually between 300m and 500m, but we have spectacular descents between 900m and 1,900m of negative height. Among the forests you can find all kinds of trails, very local trails opened by local riders, spectacular single tracks that pass through peaks and lakes, freeride between the ski slopes, some more technical and long downhill sections. Authentic ALL MOUNTAIN!

Rutas guiadas MTB Andorra por Mountain Hostel Tarter
Andorra enduro guided by Mountain Hostel Tarter

Bike Rental. We help you rent the eduro mountain bike you need among all the local shops. At Mountain Hostel Tarter, you can rent e-mountain bikes, the Merida EONE SIXTY electric enduro mountain bike. An electric mountain bike, first-class, very highly recommended for the climbs of Andorra. But very fun in all types of terrain. We assure you! 😉

Enduro e-mountain bike Merida EONE SIXTY, for rent at Mountain Hostel Tarter

Just write to us at, explain us your plan (availability, number of people, route days, if you want to guided enduro tour or not, if you want to rent a bike, etc.) and we prepare a custom budget to fit the maximum to your idea This is one of the most reserved packs for our guests and friends riders: Guided enduro MTB holidays in Andorra.

Mountain Hostel Tarter, bikefriendly accommodation. Official accommodation for cyclists and bikers in Andorra.

Mountain Hostel Tarter is an official bike friendly accommodation in Andorra

At Mountain Hostel Tarter we are a bike friendly accommodation. We have everything for cyclists and riders, and especially for your bike, and totally free. Because we know that your bike is as important as you are. Besides, we have the official Bikefriendly’s accommodations quality seal, which guarantees our services and facilities for cyclists:

In Mountain Hostel Tarter you have a bike storage room to leave your bike, in a totally safe way, when you do not use it. It is a locked box, with individual and group padlocks inside.

Bike Storage Room at Mountain Hostel Tarter

You have a mechanical foot with all the necessary tools to check your bike before or after every ride or even fix some not very complicated damage … Also air for the wheels.


You can wash your bike after every ride. In Mountain Hostel Tarter you have at your disposal a “karcher” to wash your bike under pressure and paper to dry.

Pressured whash at Mountain Hostel Tarter

If you are one of those who arrive with the dirty clothes from the ride, do not worry, we have washer and dryer available. So that every day you can get your equipment clean and ready for the next ride.

Check out all our services at Mountain Hostel Tarter. Surely you do not lack anything for your perfect Enduro Mountain Bike Hoildays in Andorra.

The 5 star hostel in Andorra

We are a hostel, yes. But 5 stars. Why? Because you have all the facilities you need for the perfect Enduro MTB holidays in Andorra.

Every day you can enjoy our outdoor pool-hot tub, with hot water and stunning mountain views, in a privileged environment. It is the rest of the warrior. You can relax all your muscles in the whirlpool of our hot tub. It has no waste.

Pool-hot tub at Mountain Hostel Tarter, the perfect plan after riding

You can not miss our barbecue. You can use it whenever you want. A good reason to spend a good afternoon or evening with friends, after the ride, after bathing in the jacuzzi, having a few beers on the terrace at sunset … does it make you?

Outdoor barbecue at Mountain Hostel Tarter

At Mountain Hostel Tarter, undoubtedly, you will enjoy the best mountain biking enduro guided hoidays in Andorra. Tell us and we prepare your custom MTB holidays package to enjoy MTB enduro riding days in Andorra to the fullest. This is our email contact:

See you soon!

In summer PURE DOWNHILL from Mountain Hostel Tarter (ANDORRA)

The perfect combo: Hostel in Andorra + 3 bike parks: Bike Park SOLDEU, VALLNORD Bike Park and Bike Park LA MOLINA.

Mountain Hostel Tarter is the only new generation hostel in Andorra, specially prepared for bikers, with all the necessary services for that the biker and his bike are completely comfortable. We’re honoured to be part of the official “Bikefriendly” accommodation group of Andorra.

At Mountain Hostel Tarter you’ll find the following services, free of charge for bikers: Bike room, locked individually or by groups, garage area with tools, bike wash area with high pressure hose, basic spare parts, Bike Park info, cross-country route map for XC and Enduro, guide hiring, MTB lessons booking, road and cross-country and endure and downhill bikes hiring in Andorra…

Basically the ideal place to stay in Andorra wether you’re alone or in a group. If you come alone, it’s the perfect place to meet other Bike fanatics like yourself, and share opinions, tricks, advises, and why not find new Bike Park buddies. If you’re coming over with a group of friends to Andorra, you’ll feel completely at home at Mountain Hostel Tarter, in our 4, 5 or 6 person rooms, shared kitchen, BBQ on the terrace, free Wi-Fi , etc… Perfect areas to rest after an intense day at the Bike Parks, with a beer on a hammock with a stunning mountain view, and getting some food cooked on the BBQ

Check out the bike friendly hostel in Andorra, our rooms and services.

Mountain Hostel Tarter

Bike Park Soldeu (ANDORRA)

Useful info – Bike Park Soldeu

Only 2km away from Mountain Hostel Tarter, in Soldeu village (ANDORRA), is the Bike Park Soldeu, designed by Oscar Sáiz.

Bike Park Soldeu opens from July 2nd to September 25th. The Bike Park Soldeu timetable is from 10am to 6pm.

There are 13 tracks at Bike Park Soldeu, suitable for all levels, varying from 2,5 km to 6km the longest. The highest starting point is 2.450m (top of Solana chairlift) going down to 1.800m of Soldeu Village. To access the Bike Park Soldeu, take the Soldeu Cable car (TC8 Soldeu), and then the Solana Chairlift (TSD6) for further tracks. This chairlift is shut during the week days from the 13th to the 27th of September.

Bike Park Soldeu Andorra

Tracks – Bike Park Soldeu

Check out the Bike Park Soldeu tracks here. You can download these tracks, although they’re perfectly signed all over the Bike Park Soldeu. Start getting used to some of the track names that the locals use so often: “parabólicas”, “connection”, “nou obac”, “rollercoaster”, etc… all of with their unique features. Our favourite is the infamous “cova”. Let us know which your favourite is!


Services – Bike Park Soldeu

Bike Park Soldeu also offers a free bike-wash area, at the bottom of the cable-car building, and a repair-area with basic tools, for fine tuning or simple part changing.

Hire a bike and protections at Bike Park Soldeu, and get a lesson from their MTB school, with the specialized MTB instructors. To hire a bike, we suggest you book it in advance.

Prices – Bike Park Soldeu

Through Mountain Hostel Tarter you’ll get the best deal for accommodation and Bike Park Soldeu lift pass included. Starting from 2 days Bike Park Soldeu pass for €35 per day. Book this special offer for bikers here.

For bikers who live close by Andorra but with little time, here’s our best deal: 2 days Bike Park pass and just 1 night from €53. You can book this special deal here.

If you want a customized package of Bike Park Soldeu passes, with less or more days of Bike Park Soldeu, or even combine both Andorra’s Bike Parks (Soldeu and Vallnord), send us your request to and we’ll sort out your Bike Park package at the best price.

Bike Park Soldeu can be proud to offer a perfect and daily maintenance to all its tracks, thanks to a dedicated and persistent team of “bike patrols”, who look after the whole Bike Park Soldeu to the last small detail. You’ll avoid the long lift queues of other Bike Parks too. Bike Park Soldeu is definitely a hidden gem for bikers. A must try. No regrets.

Events – Bike Park Soldeu

This summer 2016, Bike Park Soldeu will be holding 3 editions of the famous “Cronocova”. Cronocova is an open race which consists of riding downhill the most popular track of the Bike Park Soldeu, the “Cova”, while being timed. For free. It’s perfect to test yourself, or see how you do against your buddies and other bikers who take part of the Cronocova. Prizes and goodies for all participants. Here are the dates:

1st Cronocova: Sunday, July 3rd 2016
2nd Cronocova: pending confirmation
3rd Cronocova: pending confirmation

Contact and location – Bike Park Soldeu

Tel.: 00 376 643 812 // 00 376 890 739
Web: Location:


Vallnord Bike Park (ANDORRA)

Useful info – Vallnord Bike Park

Vallnord Bike Park is located in La Massana (ANDORRA), 18km away from Mountain Hostel Tarter, 20 minute drive. Designed by the local rider Cédric Gracia.

Vallnord Bike Park opens from June 17th to September 11th. From then onwards, only weekends until October 12th.

Vallnord Bike Park opens from 10am to 6pm.

Bike Park Vallnord Andorra

Tracks – Vallnord Bike Park

Vallnord Bike Park is divided in DH, FourCross and Woodpark.

It has different level Downhill tracks, and the official Mountain Bike World Cup tracks are also available.

The Four Cross area is a circuit specially prepared for a simultaneous descent of 4 riders at once, which hosted the World Cups of 2008 and 2009. A circuit suited to the best riders, with big jumps, big walls, making it a very technical descent. It is 500 metres, right beside the La Carbonera Chairlift.

The Woodpark is a circuit of bridges, jumps, hits and bumps, accessed by Serra II del Pla de la Cot chairlift, right under the same lift. Around this area a few more tracks have been built which also adds new jumps and bridges, so be careful!


Services – Bike Park Vallnord

There’s a free bike-wash area at the bottom of the La Massana cable car, and in the same town of La Massana there are multiple shops which hire bikes and protections

Prices – Vallnord Bike Park

At Mountain Hostel Tarter you’ll get the best deal for accommodation and Vallnord Bike Park pass included, from 2 days Bike Park lift pass from €35 per day. Book here this special offer for bikers.

For bikers who live close by Andorra but with little time, here’s our best deal: 2 day Bike Park pass and just 1 night accommodation from €53. Book here this great deal.

If you want a customized package of Bike Park Soldeu passes, with less or more days of Bike Park Soldeu, or even combine both Andorra’s Bike Parks (Soldeu and Vallnord), send us your request to and we’ll sort out your Bike Park package at the best price.

Events – Vallnord Bike Park

This year 2016, Vallnord prepares to welcome back the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup on September 2016 in La Massana (ANDORRA). The events of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup to be held in Vallnord on 3 and 4 September will be downhill and cross-country.

For Vallnord, and Andorra and is the 5th time that hosts a mountain bike race of this level. The UCI has already trust Vallnord Pal-Arinsal, and Andorra, in 2008 for the first time. Thanks to the success of that organization and public UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2008, the UCI opted again for Vallnord Bike Park in 2009 and 2013. But the star event was last year, when in 2015 Vallnord held World Championships Mountain Bike and Trial. Again, organizational and public success made Andorra and Vallnord will celebrate an UCI Mountain Bike World Cup race for 2016, 2017 and 2018. Thus, the world elite in the world of downhill and cross-country will be present in Andorra from 1 to 4 September 2016, in a week full of adrenalin and emotions. Book now your accommodation for the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2016 in Vallnord (ANDORRA) at Mountain Hostel Tarter:

Contact and location – Vallnord Bike Park

Tel.: 00 376 878 078


La Molina Bike Park (SPAIN)

Useful information – La Molina Bike Park

La Molina Bike Park is located in the Catalan Pyrenees, near Puigcerdà (SPAIN).

It’s a 60km drive (1hour) from Mountain Hostel Tarter.

La Molina Bike Park offers 9 downhill tracks for medium to high level freeriders. These add up to 22km of tracks, which unite Tosa to the start of the cable car. There’s also a Cross Country circuit and a Txiquibikepark (for kids).

La Molina Bike Park opens on July 2nd until September 11th 2016, and from 10am to 6pm, although the last ascent is at 5.45pm. Also will be open every weekend until the 9th October.

Bike Park La Molina

Tracks – La Molina Bike Park

La Molina Bike Park offers 9 downhill tracks for medium to high level freeriders.There’s also a Cross Country circuit, a Woodpark and a Txiquibikepark (for kids).

Check out the tracks here.


Services – La Molina Bike Park

La Molina Bike Park offers a bike hire, and a MTB School directed by the Lacondeguy brothers. GrownUp is the new MTB school on La Molina Bike Park.

At the adapted sports centre you’ll be able to hire bikes for disabled people.

A bike locker is available, so you can store your bike if you plan to come back the next day.

Prices – La Molina Bike Park

Check out the different lift pass prices for La Molina Bike Park, on this link:

Remember that this summer you can sleep at Mountain Hostel Tarter from 19€ per night, booking your bed here: If you stay 3 nights or more, you’ll get 10% off the accommodation price.

If you’re planning a Bike Park Holiday, we offer packages with passes for the Andorra Bike Parks included. Check out these packages with Bike Park lift pass included.

Contact and location – La Molina Bike Park