At Mountain Hostel Tarter, your health and the health of our staff comes first. These are the steps we take to fulfill our commitment to you in preventing Covid-19.

On Friday the 3rd July 2020 we re-open our hostel, after the forced stop because of Covid-19. Finally, the to meet you again has come and we are already excited. So this is our covid-19 prevention commitment to you.

Although the essence of our hostel is the same, something has changed in these months, and we want to tell you about it.

At Mountain Hostel Tarter, your health, well-being and safety come first, as does that of our staff. Here, we explain the measures we have taken to fulfill our commitment to cleanliness and well-being in our hostel.


All the spaces and services of the hostel will be in operation, except the sauna, for the moment, following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Andorra Government.

In addition, we will have a limited maximum capacity, in order to ensure the recommended distance of 1.5 meters between guests who are not from the same travel group. Even so, be sure to bring your mask, since its use is mandatory inside the hostel.

We also ask you, as far as possible, to make a prior reservation. This way we can better organize ourselves to apply all the protocols that we introduced for the prevention of Covid-19. So, when you book, once the reservation is confirmed, we will send you the instructions for check-in, so that when you arrive at the hostel we have to exchange as few items as possible at the reception.


Every day we start our working days remembering how important cleanliness is to our health and that of our guests.

So we have prepared ourselves in a very demanding way on cleaning and hygiene protocols for all our spaces. We were already tough before with cleaning … imagine now! And we continue doing it day by day, very aware of the covid-19, coordinated with local authorities and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health of the Andorra Government and the World Health Organization. Our commitment to you in the prevention of Covid-19 is very important to us.

In the rooms

In the rooms, we use effective cleaning and disinfection products against the virus, and we have developed an even more exhaustive cleaning and disinfection protocol, if possible, to clean the rooms. Especially when a guest leaves and before the next one arrives, paying special attention to frequent contact elements and spraying disinfectant on all surfaces.

Furthermore, disinfection of bedding is guaranteed. All bedding is washed above 60ºC and tumble dried at temperatures close to 100ºC.

Of course, the room key is also disinfected every time we give it to you, or you return it to us.

In common areas

In common areas we have increased the frequency of cleaning and use special disinfection products (viricide), especially in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and terrace, paying special attention to surfaces and elements of frequent contact.

We have also installed disinfection stations, equipped with disinfecting gel for hands, paper and a disinfecting spray for surfaces. Even suitable for surfaces and food items such as kitchenware. The idea is that you can disinfect the furniture, surfaces and utensils that you use, before and after use, for your own peace of mind.

In our workspaces

Our back office is also important, and we have been stepped up the cleaning and disinfection in our spaces and in our work tools, as part of our covid-19 prevention commitment to you.


Very easy, just 4 things! DISTANCE | HANDS | MASK | DISINFECTION


Try to keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between hostel guests who are not in your travel group. Especially in the common areas of the hostel.


Remember to wash your hands frequently, between 30 and 40 seconds, all parts of the hand, with hot water and soap. In addition, we provide hand sanitizing gel at various points within the hostel.

  • MASK

Remember to bring your own mask, since its use is mandatory in the common areas of the hostel.


For your safety and your own peace of mind, at the disinfection station we provide you, 24 hours a day, the necessary products so that you can disinfect yourself the furniture or utensils in common use, before and after using them.

Easy, right? In this way, we will guarantee everyone’s health while we stay together in the hostel. Count on us to prevent Covid-19. And we are sure that we count on your collaboration for the safety and well-being of all in the hostel. True?

Welcome home again! Welcome to Mountain Hostel Tarter!

You can follow the recommendations and advice of the Andorra Government on how to prevent Covid-19, on the official website

If you have any questions you can send us an @mail to